With a fibre optic data grid, and a citywide high-speed wireless network, Rhyzome Networks is building the data infrastructure for Stratford’s emergence as a digital technology centre, broadband economy and Intelligent Community. And we can help you do the same.


Beginning with the Smart Meter data collection initiative for Stratford’s electrical utility, Festival Hydro, Rhyzome Networks is building a city-owned data ecosystem for
Stratford that is:

  • dependable and carrier-grade, via a 50km grid of optical fibre
  • ubiquitous and mobile, via wireless mesh technology using IEEE 802.11N Wi-Fi.


Rhyzome is also working with other cities, towns, small rural communities, institutions and commercial operations to deliver broadband connectivity that:

  • satisfies industrial and commercial broadband needs
  • promotes local economic growth
  • helps bridge the urban/rural digital divide
  • fosters digital inclusion for fixed and low-income internet users
Rhyzome Networks is a data infrastructure company equipping communities for
the digital era.

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